Dance instructor


Maxi graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (major in Chinese dance). With his outstanding performance in the academy, he received the Outstanding Performer Award. He was also awarded a number of scholarships, including The Council Chairman’s Scholarship, Disney Scholarship and Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship. Furthermore, he also received the international level dance training and performance in US supported by American Dance Festival Tuition Scholarships 2010.

Maxi started to learn street dance, such as Jazz and Hip Hop, as early as in 2004. With the professional training he received in the academy, he developed his unique dance style. In 2011, he formed the dance crew WATS with other talents. They participated in different dance competitions and won the Champion and The Best Choreography Award in Hong Kong’s Best Dance Crew and Hong Kong Dance Power Competition Competition 2011.

As an all-rounded dancers, Maxi was invited to perform in various events, including Hong Kong Dance Award Guest Performance, Journey to the Wild West, West Side Story Suite and Past/Forward @ American Dance Festival and Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Game Opening. For the commercial performances, he has worked with famous artists including Andy Lau, G.E.M, Supper Moment, Gigi Leung, Liza Wang, and with well-known brands such as Nike, Canon and Ocean Park.

Maxi Chan 2013年畢業於香港演藝學院舞蹈學院學士學位,主修中國舞。在學期間曾獲傑出舞蹈演員獎,亦獲頒多個獎學金,包括The Council Chairman’s Scholarship,迪士尼獎學金及成龍慈善基金獎學金。2010年更獲得美國舞蹈節獎學金赴美接受訓練及演出。

早在2004年,熱愛舞蹈的Maxi已開始學習Jazz和Hip Hop等街舞,加上在學期間的專業訓練,Maxi成功發展出個人獨特的舞蹈風格。2011年他與志同道合的舞者組成舞蹈組合「WATS」,參加各大型比賽,屢獲殊榮,更於Hong Kong’s Best Dance Crew及Hong Kong Dance Power Competition 2011 中赢得冠軍及最佳編舞獎。

Maxi曾多次獲邀參與各式各樣的演出,當中包括香港舞蹈年獎頒獎禮,香港舞蹈團《夢西遊》、美國舞蹈節《West Side Story Suite》及《Past/Forward》,以及香港2009東亞運動會開幕演出。商業演出方面,Maxi 曾為知名藝人如劉德華、G.E.M.、Supper Moment、梁詠琪及汪明荃等之演唱會任舞蹈員,也曾與著名品牌如Nike、Canon及海洋公園等拍攝廣告。